Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Your Veg is in My Color Theory

One of the exercises in the New Munsell(R) Student Color Set, 2nd ed., asks students to pull chips from the color charts to match all of the colors in a picture. So I pulled chips to match Rebecca's beautiful veg picture.

Clockwise from the start of the "yellow" squash colors: 5YR 8/6, 5Y 8/12, 5RP 3/4, 5RP 5/8, 5RP 8/4, 5RP 6/10, 5RP 4/6, 5GY 7/8, 5GY 4/4, 5G 3/4.

A few random observations:

  • I feel like there's a lot more going on with that yellow squash than I had the chips to represent. I feel like I needed chips for the intermediary hues between 5Y and 5YR to do that squash justice.
  • When I first looked at that green squash I thought, "blue green." But it was way more green yellow than I expected. I hear that's true of vegetation in general, it pushes to yellow a lot more than one might expect.
  • I could probably have pulled the entire red purple chart for those beans. They are so awesome! I would never want to cook them until they turned plain Jane green. It would be such a waste of beautiful red purple. This was the only veg that I didn't use chips from more than one chart. I just didn't think the Red or the Purple had much to say in the matter. What do you think?

Caveat: I did not print Rebecca's beautiful picture. I merely held up chips to my monitor. The New Munsell(R) Student Color Set, 2nd ed., spends a lot of words explaining why monitor color and opaque paint chips are entirely different beasts and never the twain shall meet. Or whatever. Then I took the picture of the chips in the light of a compact fluorescent bulb with no flash from the camera. DO NOT try this at home. It is highly DANGEROUS color in action. BEWARE the difference between monitor colors and opaque paint chips as well as the effect of a light source on the surface reflecting that light. Repent! REPENT! Sorry, getting geared up for our annual Halloween viewing of The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

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Rebecca said...

That's so cool! When I was looking at the vegetables, I was thinking there were three colors, but I totally see now how there are all those different shades. The power of the color chart!

Rebecca said...

Here's a whole website dedicated to this! Maybe there are others, but this particular post is pretty cool

Thalia said...

It's posts like this that just make me want to have a day of crafts and foods with you two. Seriously.