Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bob makes campaign promise

I'm done talking about Sarah Palin. As a curmudgeonly writer of ops without the -ed, that's not where I should be focusing.

No one in the country wants or expects Sarah Palin to become president in the next four years. That McCain's pick was a surprise, controversial, and generally mavericky (in a way that highlights why I don't want a maverick to be President), it was newsworthy. But the conventions are over, and insofar as anyone cares about this election, the VP candidates just aren't significant factors.

If you're a, you know, thinking person, there's issues, and these two candidates are pushing policies as clearly divided as we've seen in a long time. If you're a non-thinking sort of person, there's personal qualities, or character, or whatever you call that fuzzy stuff. And again, the differences between McCain and Obama are many and vast.

In fact, the hardest challenge is figuring out why anyone would still be undecided in this election. Assuming that they care enough to actually vote, what could they still be on the fence about? The only way I can see it is if they're attracted to Obama's personality but like McCain's policies, or vice versa.

So, and you can trust this just as much as you trust all the other campaign promises, no more Sarah Palin from me. But I will totally go on and on speculating about all those people who wish they could vote for a maverick who wants out of Iraq, or a lower-taxes pro-business powerful speaker who's younger than Alaska, or something.

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