Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tasty Politics

Couple of interesting items:

The CSA that we belong to isn't certified organic. They just started their farm last year and it takes a while to get that designation. Apparently, it's expensive too. Instead of trying to get the organic certification, they are instead working on applying for naturally grown certification instead. It sounds like a great program that protects consumers without costing the farmers. Basically, it's an organization run by farmers as an alternative to expensive USDA certification that most small farmers can't afford. It's a little depressing that Organic is so untenable for small farmers, and that those with responsible farming practiced are pushed out of the game, again.

You can actually read through the application for the farm .

Second, a local blogger who mostly writes about food has a nice post about community organizers . I'm still completely baffled by the republicans mocking of Obama's service.

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Sarah said...

That community organizers post is awesome. Makes me want get off my tuckus and organize something.