Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The other day I mentioned to a non-academic (on so many levels)

"trying to lower my DFW rate." Said non-academic, who we'll just call

"Sarah" for the sake of argument, was completely baffled by my

eduslang. Sarah seemed to think I was concerned about the frequency

of my travels to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Silly Sarah. DFW are

grades; it means the percentage of the class that gets a D, F, or

withdraws. (D is typically equivalent to failing; most majors that

require algebra (or higher) make it a requirement to get a C or higher

in it (which is known as a "C-Wall")).

This is the sort of jargon that you'd either pick up on your own, or you'll never need it. But perhaps this post will either ease some confusion at a future department meeting, or just amuse you. I'm sure many sadly geeky jokes could be made about C-walls, for example.

Except for "eduslang", which is my own invention and therefore extra useless. :)

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