Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Update: Reusable Shopping Bag Collection

Previously, you may recall, I cataloged for you the wonders of my reusable shopping bag collection. Yesterday, a brand new, super awesome, and most importantly sort of free, reusable shopping bag entered my life.

I attended my first meeting of the Flying Geese Quilters Guild. They are even more impressive in person than they are online and they gave me this awesome bag just for joining. OK, the membership wasn't free, but I suspect the price of half a year's membership (which is what I paid) isn't much more than the cost of this bag. It's certainly a more economical "free" bag than the SXSW or IQF/Chicago totes. It even has an exterior mesh drink pocket! And it might be sized to fit all sorts of quilting goodies. But until I'm in a quilt goody toting mode, its gussets and sturdy construction will allow much canned goodery.

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Rebecca said...

Awesome looking bag. I'm hopeful that I'll get some nice ones soon. Here's a bag giveaway:
at Smitten Kitchen . Although if you win and I don't, you have to share :)

Sarah said...

I think those RuMe bags are the type Not Martha settled on as her favorite reusable shopping bag for purchase.

Good luck on the drawing!

Thalia said...

Well, as there are already over 2,000 people in the drawing, I went and picked up a few. I'll give them a review when I get them. I like the fact that each can carry up to 50 lbs (not that *I* can, but...), and fold up tiny, so I really can carry them in my purse so I have them when shopping - otherwise, I forget.