Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ready for Armageddon

Busy weekend of food preservation. We have jalapenos pepper jelly, pickled (bell) peppers, and pickled okra. The pepper jelly is hot, but sweet, and is great with some cream cheese on crackers as an hors d'oeuvre. My dad was drooling on the phone when I told him I made the pickled peppers. My grandmother used to make these as an accompaniment to cheese or a sandwich. They are garlicky and yummy. They don't really preserve the peppers, just make a tasty treat. I've never made or eaten pickled okra. But, I used an Alton Brown recipe so I have high expectations. Not pictures is some tomato sauce. I made that with some roma tomatoes and put it in the freezer for later on when tomatoes aren't in season.

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Sarah said...

Look at you all preserving your harvest for lest abundant days. And for fancy hors devours at that.

Again, GORGEOUS picture. Look at the light through the jar. Stunning. I can't wait to try a bit of each of these as well as the grape jelly in October.

Rebecca said...

Bob took the pictures. He even got out the tripod and adjusted the settings so the light would come out right. The flash was too bright and the auto shutter speed was too dark.

Bob said...

We're all about the translucency, yo. If it ain't translucent, I ain't interested.

And Rebecca gives me credit for the photo, but you know that I'd be trying to squeeze pretty light coming through a dark jar of Smucker's if it weren't for her wild jellin' picklin' so-tongue-ticklin' delicious Little House on the Prairie re-creation. Without the Rocky Mountain spotted fever.