Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flour Power

I was going to post yesterday about a neat little bit in the Organic Consumer Association's e-newsletter about DIY flour:

Grinding Your Own Grains
In response to an article on Victory Gardens posted on the OCA website and highlighted in last week's issue of Organic Bytes, a member of the OCA web forum posted the following comment:

"You might add that in addition to growing our vegetables we might also grind our own grains for truly fresh, nutritious baked goods. Most Americans have no idea what fresh bread tastes or even looks like. Buy organic grains only, and look into the many different types of grain mills available. You'll be very happy with the results."
But I thought, "This is just too far out there for real people." Well, it's not too far out there for the New York Times, which just today has an article about micro-millers who produce boutique local flour, as well as a growing grind at home movement.

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