Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Birthday Wish

A superpower - immune to mosquito bites. Actually, I'll aim big - no bugs would ever bite me.

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Terri said...

Try Cactus Juice. You can get it online, it's all natural, and it works pretty well for me (although if I'm out in evening hours, I'll use DEET too.) You can get it online..

Sarah said...

Whatever Terri does, do that.

She used to look like a leper with all her mosquito bites. Then sometime between college and my wedding she went through serious mosquito prevention method testing. Now she is a pristine model of bite-free-ness.

But you have to apply it religiously, like Terri. Remember when she arrived at the farm and the first thing she did upon stepping out of the car was spray herself from head to toe? That's dedication.