Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm so mad at myself

So, a student wants to make-up a test.  I set up an appointment to give it, but then later realize I have a previous appointment (I'm supposed to provide games at the department BBQ).  So I email the student and tell them they need to reschedule, and suggest a time.

Of course, no reply.  My suggested new time comes and goes.

I stop by my office to drop off my stuff before I head off to the previously scheduled engagement.  The student is there, waiting for me but bizarrely says she thought I was going to the Barbecue.  (My email didn't say what the appointment was, but never mind). 

I said "So, you're here to take the test?" 

The student said "I'll be quick."  She's very confident that she'll do well despite having missed so many classes, because she's had this class several times and therefore knows all this stuff.

I give her the test.  Believe me, you cannot be more disappointed in me than I am.  It's now almost a half hour after the picnic has started.

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Thalia said...

Dude, I sympathize. I felt like I bent over backwards for some students I had... funnily enough, I think people thought I was a hardass.