Monday, September 01, 2008


Just in case you need MORE home-grown deliciousness, these are jars of grape jelly that Rebecca made from grapes harvested from the garden behind our house. It is, by the way, delicious.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful picture! Look at the natural light? And the carelessly artful arrangement of jars? Is that a new camera you're using?

Will some of the jelly be saved for a certain sister's visit in October?

Rebecca said...

Love the new camera. It actually works! Bob will be giving me a tutorial later on all the super cool features.

We'll definitely save you a jar. It's really good. The grapes were so flavorful this year. I may actually get another batch out of the grapes.

Thalia said...

*trying to eat jelly through computer monitor*


Very pretty photo, btw.