Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I miss the south (#42)

Des Ark -- great band from North Carolina. Think Touch and Go band (June of 44, Shellac, etc.) meets Catpower, meets Smithsonian Folkways sound. Some songs from their amazing first album are on Myspace. You can listen to her (Aimee Argote's) more folksy self-released album on And she certainly wins the best title award for Top 40 single with the song "If By 'Gay' You Mean 'Totally Freaking Awesome', Then Yeah, I Guess It's Pretty Gay." You can listen to that on the Pitchfork page.

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Thalia said...

Give me more great music information... I've been living in a great-music vacuum, aside from the stuff I've already gotten. More music! More!

p.s. Heard Steve Martin playing the banjo on NPR the other day. Now I want to listen to more kick-ass banjo music.

Yes, you heard me.

Sarah said...

Hmm . . . not sure I've got a great banjo band recommendation for you, but Foals' album Antidotes is in heavy rotation at Chez Kelman and I think you'd dig it.