Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vote! Feel the rush again!

Remember the excitement and thrill of voting for someone new in the White House last fall? You can have that experience all over again!

Our community-supported agriculture farmer has been nominated to be suggested to President Obama as the White House farmer (basically, Michael Pollan has proposed that five acres of the White House lawn be turned into an organic garden, with the produce going to the White House chef and local food banks. This is an online poll to offer some prospective choices to the President.) So you can go to this site and vote for OUR guy, who is Charlie Collins. At the time of this posting, he's in 4th place, and they're going to send the top three names!

He's clearly qualified -- look at some of our past veggie pics for proof. And he's the only nominee (at the time of this posting, anyway) from Virginia, which is pretty darn local to Washington DC.

Not to worry, they promise that he'll still be growing veggies for us too. :) So vote!

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Sarah said...

I found the actual voting page at:

Go, Charlie Collins!

Sarah said...

When I voted Charlie Collins was in 4th place with 663 votes, 9% of 7072 voters.
Y'all get over to that site and vote!