Friday, January 23, 2009

Furrday: Take 2 Puppies and Call Me in the Morning

We at Chez Kelman have been knocked out by the flu for some length of time no shorter than a week (we're to hallucinate-y to be more specific).

Thus we feel completely justified in staying curled up in bed with the dogs well past any reasonable hour.

They appear to have no problem with this treatment plan.

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Thalia said...

Awww. Now I want to go home and snuggle my puppies. Unfortunately, Maddie (who loves to cuddle)is 90 lbs and uses her pointy elbows to turn over and get more comfortable. And Incas is still a bit snotty.

I think Puppy Treatment is an excellent flu cure. That, and watching lots of Mystery! on PBS. (Man, I miss PBS!)