Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crafty Round Up

In this round up: reconstructed sweaters, stretch fabric, cutting curves, reverse applique, oil cloth, skirt pattern making, ikat, Egyptian pattern inspiration, Mexican stamp inspiration, colors in patterned fabric, and colorful furniture.

I fear cutting and sewing knitwear, but I love the idea of these reconstructed sweaters by outsapop trashion and they ever so kindly created a photo tutorial on Flickr, which tempts me greatly. Via Whip Up.

My fear of cutting and sewing knitwear is a subfear of my primary fear of working with stretchy fabrics of any kind. AskMeFi addressed this fear, at least in the context of hemming stretch denim jeans.

I have a minor fear of working with curves. Craft Apple posted a nice tutorial on cutting curves with a rotary cutter, via Whip Up. Now if I could face my sewing curves fear.

I don't fear applique in the least, so I'm not sure why I like That Darn Kat's reverse applique tutorial so much except for the adorable little frog. Via Whip Up.

I fear sewing oil cloth, but I have a ton leftover from making my dining room table cloth (by "making" I mean cutting an appropriately sized square) and I do love it so. Based on kath_red's review over at Whip Up, I am mightily tempted to purchase or at least check out of the library Oil Cloth Inspirations by Sophie Bester.

I am also tempted to draft my own skirt pattern following craftystylish's tutorial. But I never wear skirts. Via Whip Up.

Design*Sponge did a neat trend round up of stuff decorated with ikat patterns that reminded me of some of the awesome ikat textiles I saw at the Textile Museum.

Jessica Pigza of the New York Public Library guest blogged at Design*Sponge and included some gorgeous images of Egyptian patterns from a 1911 book of patterns entitled Décoration Egyptienne by Gustave Jéquier. Much quilty inspiration.

Adam Kuban over at Serious Eats posted images of food-related stamps illustrated by Rafael Davidson. Again, much quilty inspiration.

Kim over at True Up has been uploading her vintage fabric to ColourLOVERS to analyze its color content. Very cool.

Design*Sponge also posted some super colorful furniture from the aptly named Chroma Lab. Imagine those drawers holding your fabric stash.

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