Friday, January 30, 2009

Stuff I'd Like to Cook and Food Stuff

My Google Reader is stuffed with recipes I want to make and a few food related items I thought I'd share. We're contemplating throwing a party in the next month or two, so I have collected a number of party-friendly foods, which might work for your Super Bowl gourmands.
Party Friendly Foods

Not So Party Friendly Foods

Food Stuff

Ahh . . . my Google Reader Starred Items is now ready for its weigh-in.

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Rebecca said...

I've had the pizza dough and the orzo squash recipe starred too! My starred list is insane. I have a huge bookmark collection of recipes too. There isn't enough time to make all the yummy food... I'm looking forward to your recipe testing results! Lately, I haven't been able to break away from Smitten Kitchen . I'm planning on making the car bomb cupcakes for the Superbowl party we're going to. FYI, the pear and chocolate cake and the clementine cake are amazing.

Rebecca said...

I made the pizza dough. It was good and easy. One sixth of the recipe made a thin crust pizza that was enough for us to share for dinner (with a salad). I put the other portions of dough in the freezer. I'll try one of them soon. The only down side is that you are supposed to let the dough rest for 2 hours before you cook it, so it's not really feasible on a week night.

Also, I made the Pink Lady cake from Smitten Kitchen this week. Totally awesome. I cut the recipe down to two layers to make it slightly less unhealthy.

Sarah said...

I want to see pictures of you pizza dough experiments and you Pink Lady cake!

David is a little resistant to homemade pizza because ours always turns out soggy. Any suggestions to avoid sog?

Rebecca said...

I'll try to photograph next time. I've had less success with subsequent pizza rounds - I think the dough from the freezer is stickier (or I'm more of a mess). I have been using a pizza stone for cooking the pizzas. I found one at Target for about $12. My current issue is transferring the pizza to the preheated stone. The first time I tried, it was a disaster. Toppings everywhere. The next time, I preheated the stone and then removed it from the oven to make the pizza directly on the stone and put it back in. This worked out ok - not idea, but definitely less messy. I'm thinking about trying a new recipe for dough that actually requires kneading to see if it makes dough that is less sticky.

The pink lady cake has been consumed. It was really good though. I highly recommend it.