Monday, January 26, 2009

Fabric Fabulousness!

The doorbell rings. Dogs go wild. I drop my chopsticks in my potstickers so as to run to the door without impaling myself - you think running with scissors is treacherous. I open the door doing the doorway body block to prevent the wild dogs from eviscerating the delivery man. What could this box contain? I have been so good about not ordering fabric, I am practically starving for fiber. I look at the return address. It is from our very own Rebecca. It is not my birthday and she bought me multiple Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/New Years presents. Whatever could have possessed her?


You heard me: Barnslig.

"What is Barnslig?", I hear you cry. Just the cutest fabric designed by Eva Lundgreen for IKEA.

Look at those tomato and lime hippos! And the jungle animal multicolor print! Huzzah!

Thank you, Rebecca! (And possibly Bob, who was present on the IKEA adventure which resulted in this purchase for me)

What should I make with it? I've got 3 1/2 yards of EACH. Woo HOO!

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Thalia said...

With that much adorable fabric, it sounds like maybe a simple quilt for a baby would go quickly - strips of blocks? With lovely big prints, big blocks would be somehow satisfying, I think.

(BTW, are you interested in wool batting at all for any projects? There's a place in MT that I order lovely yarn from - they also sell wool batts.)

Rebecca said...

I loved the hippos and I couldn't decide between the colors, so I got them both. I thought they would be nice backing for a quilt, but I know nothing of these things. I have heard that you have an endless stream of baby quilts that you are making so I thought the animals would be cute for some squares there. Really, I just wanted an excuse to buy fabric and not feel stressed about making something with it!

I have not knitted since before Christmas. I need to get back in the habit, but my energy level at the start of the semester is always surprisingly low. I just turned in my mid-tenure review materials though so I'm feeling a little less stressed.

Sarah said...

Rebecca, it's like you're reading my mind! The hippos are both going to be primarily used as backings for baby quilts. I've got a lime green baby quilt and a tomato red baby quilt in various stages of production.

But that should leave some left over for big blocks that will show off their lovely big hippo print-ness, just like Thalia suggested.

The multicolored animal print is almost too awesome. It might end up being one of those fabrics I sit and worship to the point where I can't fathom cutting it and hence end up never using it because it becomes the centerpiece of its own shrine. Seriously. I have this vintage remnant that will be in my coffin when I'm buried. It's in my advanced directive. Seriously.

Oh, yes, Thalia, I'd love to use some wool batting. Email me either their website or the pricing info, por favor.

Rebecca, I'm so glad I could provide you with an excuse to buy fabric without the stress of making anything. Please consider me for that role regularly. :)

Yay, mid-tenure review! You know what I hear helps to celebrate mid-tenure review material turning in? Knitting. It's true!

Thalia said...

Go to Beaverslide Dry Goods (, or follow:

to find wool (and they have awesome wool) quilt batts.

Makes me think I need to take up quilting.

Sarah said...

That's a great price for that size wool bat. Oh, she of the great wool knowledge, is it what you might call "washable wool"? It describes itself as "An all natural quilt batt, made from non-carbonized, warm resiliant wool, grown and processed in an environmentally sensitive manner." if that helps.

Thalia said...

Ah, wool! One of my favorite fibers on the planet.

It is washable in the sense that it can be washed... in cold or warmish water, no agitation, spin dry to get the water out, and lay out to dry. But not toss-in-the-machine-and-forget-about-it washable, no.

I bet it's soft and lovely - their wool yarns are outstanding, and so soft and and and... just great.

And come on, who doesn't giggle when they first say the name? Is it just me?