Friday, January 16, 2009


The other day while working on my grocery list I realized the only processed food that I still buy are bread, crackers, and David's cereal. My plan in 2009 is to reduce that list to just David's cereal (if you find me a good recipe for homemade Special K and homemade original flavor Puffins, that might leave the list too). I thought I'd start with the most obvious: bread. This plan has been cemented by my discovery via Not Martha of Smitten Kitchen's recipe for Light Wheat Bread.

Do you have any advice for the bread uninitiated before I embark on this adventure?

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Rebecca said...

I'm not sure it's possible to ruin bread. As long as your yeast works (which most yeast does) you should be fine. As far as I know, you can't over knead. Have fun - fresh bread is so yummy. I recommend breaking out the grape jelly!

Thalia said...

As a bread-baking newb, I heartily recommend beer bread. Tastes awesome, super-easy, hard to ruin.

Original flavor Puffins? Pppffft - it's all about Cinnamon Puffins now, dude!

Thalia said...

p.s. (durr)

Check out:

Awesome stuff. Susan (one of the three A Year In Bread bloggers) also writes one of my favorite small-farm blogs.

Sarah said...

You really can't over knead? I thought over kneading resulted in toughness? Or is that just with baking powder biscuits?

Mmm, Rebecca's homemade grape jelly on hot from the oven bread. Yumm!

Beer bread? Terri used to threaten to make it from our keg dregs in college, but I don't recall any actual bread baking taking place (of course, I was probably too drunk to notice). Can you recommend a good recipe?

Wow, A Year in Bread looks like an awesome blog for me to get lost in. Thank you, Thalia!

Terri said...

Email Donald. That is all. He is the bread master and bakes harvest, rye, baguettes, etc. He bakes usually at least once per week. He has many references including the Bread Bible. Get it. Learn it. Love it.