Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Radio

No life-altering resolutions or year-in-review lessons learned thusfar. Just been listening to KPCC while cooking up a ham and some yeast rolls and some pineapple sauce for said ham. Heard two great pieces that I thought y'all might enjoy:

PRI's The World broadcasted Jeb Sharp's series How Wars End in its entirety. Definitely worth listening to the whole series back to back, as you can on their website.

American Radio Works produced an amazing documentary about the 1968 presidential election called Campaign '68. Very insightful and well-balanced history of an era to which your high school history textbook did not do justice.

Oh, yeah, and one of the flavor trends of 2009 spotlighted by All Things Considered: persimmons. I am so cutting edge.

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