Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Comments of 2008

This year was the first year that we've really blogged from start to finish and your comments are one of the things that kept us going. Here is a random selection of some of my favorites from 2008.

The comment that really made my year was Joel Berg's response to my post Free Market Versus Legislative Philanthropy:

Thanks for your comments. I agree that our elected officals often spend our tax dollars on bad things. But they also fund roads, health research, parks, etc. Plus it is our job as citizens to get our elected offcials to support our priorities -- or to vote for new elected offcials. Do you have a better alternative?

-- Joel Berg

Again, when you thought no one would care, Terri posts this well-thought out response to Sarah's post on Corporations as Voldemort:
I agree. I have wondered about civil lawsuits on a large scale against the boards of directors and CEOs, though. Maybe even against the leaders in government as mismanagers of tax dollars. Although, can you sue politicians for something like that?

I'm not under any illusions that it would do any good in any short term, but I wonder what kind of precedent it would set? Probably a whole can of worms right there.

I agree with the soulless definition, but I also think of it in terms of strict behaviorism that you may use on a child without the development yet for empathy and long term planning. It seems that positive or negative reinforcement would be the only way to regulate the system as it is. Right now, the government seems to be giving positive reinforcement for screwing up, though. Clearly the wrong thing to do to change any behavior.

Then again, there's always overthrow of the system, but it historically always seems to be so messy and doesn't accomplish was intended.

Bah! Where's Hermione? She'd have some answers.

Thalia's hilarious response to Bob & Sarah's discussion of Clickers and White Bread:
I first thought this was about clicker-training students as has been done with dogs. Fabulous...but not the case.

And a Nobel candidate in the family? I think any sperm bank/ova harvesting fees just shot up by 1000%. In case you were wondering.

Bob's response to my praising the Wieman/Segal household's ongoing food photography prowess as exhibited in Rebecca's Ready for Armageddon post:
We're all about the translucency, yo. If it ain't translucent, I ain't interested.

And Rebecca gives me credit for the photo, but you know that I'd be trying to squeeze pretty light coming through a dark jar of Smucker's if it weren't for her wild jellin' picklin' so-tongue-ticklin' delicious Little House on the Prairie re-creation. Without the Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Thalia's Cuteoverload-worthy comment on Sarah's Flat Furrday post:
Mmm, delicious dog pattie, perfect for nibbling. Or plotting world domination. It's in his eyes, I can tell.

I'm beginning to wonder if anyone ever feeds Thalia based on her comment to Rebecca's grape jelly post:
*trying to eat jelly through computer monitor*


Very pretty photo, btw.

And her comment on Rebecca's Spicy post:
I want to eat your house. Well, maybe just all the food in it.

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