Friday, December 19, 2008

Furrday: Super Snuggly

Fall suddenly arrived in California around two weeks ago. We've had sub-forty degree temperatures at night.
At an end of semester happy hour the other week I confessed I keep the temperature in the house excessively cold (65 degrees Fahrenheit). When the astonished table asked why on Earth I would do such a thing I explained, "It makes the dogs cuddlier!" This garnered a round of laughs.
But super Augie doggy snuggles like these are no laughing matter.

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Thalia said...

I have not been checking blogs in a bit - and then I return for the cutest of all, blogging about dog snuggling.

We finally bumped the thermostat up to about 65 degrees when E started feeling unwell yesterday. Apparently after years of living with my folks I have grown to believe, in my gut, that it is wrong and sinful to have the house at a pleasant temperature. Even though my hands and feet get so cold in the winter.

You are all adorable.

Rebecca said...

I love the zooming in series of pictures. Augie is so fluffy!