Thursday, December 11, 2008

Food Stuff - Not to be confused with Foodstuffs

A few links to a few posts about food that have been burning up my Google Reader waiting to be shared with you including: squash, cookies, minimalist holiday menu, salt, baking tips, and biodynamic wine.

Awhile back the New York Times had a wee article on the wonderful world of squash along with two squash recipes: Squash and Cheese Pie and Squash with Creamy Curry. I've heard of people, yes, I'm talking about YOU Gentle Reader, who just hack a butternut squash in half, toss it in the oven and eat it with a spoon. Brutish. Me, I prefer the squash soup recipe in The Flying Biscuit Cookbook. Now that I've seen the price used Flying Biscuit Cookbooks are going for on Amazon, I might just photocopy my favorite recipes and sell it. That's my economic recovery plan.

Via Serious Eats, Gourmet magazine shares its favorite cookie recipes of all time. My cookie love must be on the fritz because I can only find two I'd consider making right now: rugelach from 2004 and glittering lemon sandwich cookies from 2008. Can anyone suggest a substitute for corn syrup in the GLSCs? I hate to buy a bottle of something I'm never going to use.

Mark Bittman shared his minimalist Thanksgiving menu with Serious Eats. Were I ever in the position to cook a holiday meal, I would follow this menu. Meanwhile, I shall be thankful for in-laws and out-laws who I must visit during all major holidays and who must therefor bear the burden of feeding me.

Serious Eats also linked to Portfolio magazine's Eat Sheet on salt. It's no Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky, but that's kinda a good thing. Note the low resale value on that book as compared to the Flying Biscuit Cookbook. I'm just sayin'.

Also via Serious Eats, the Guardian's compilation of 30 Baking Tips from famous bakers. I'm not sure that Jim Lahey's "Measure precisely," is going to change my life, but I'm sure you'll find some gems in there if you keep digging.

Lou Bendrick's Checkout Line column for Gristmill had a nice answer to a reader's question, "What the hell is biodynamic wine and does it taste any better than regular wine?"

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