Sunday, August 24, 2008


We have achieved spice level 10. Bob persevered in the battle of screw vs. drywall and got the spice shelves up today. Happy day in cooking land.

This weekend saw lots of cooking (even pre-spice organization). There's a fridge full of tasty goodness to get us through the week. I made blueberry focaccia , butternut squash soup , NY Times chocolate chip cookie dough (cookies to be made for the first math tea on Friday), homemade grape juice from the grapes out back that will be transformed to grape jelly once I get some jars, a zucchini and squash casserole and some tomato sauce to be put on gnocchi later in the week.

I actually squealed when I got to the soup recipe in Gourmet because I had bought some chestnuts while in Montreal and I had just gotten butternut squash from the CSA this week. Bob mocked me, but I will note that he enjoyed the soup.

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Sarah said...

Technically, I think that spice array goes all the way up to 11.

Have you and Bob considered going into the extremely niche market of spice cabinet redesign? Like California Closets, but for spices? Because I'd hire you.

Will you share pictures of blueberry focaccia and butternut squash soup? I bet they're very photogenic.

Did you include the shallots in the butternut squash soup?

You are the only person I know who (a) subscribes to Gourmet and (b) I can totally picture squealing at the inclusion in said publication of a recipe calling for two odd ingredients you just happen to have on hand.

I can't wait to hear your full New York Times chocolate chip cookie assessment. I figure it will blow mine out the water. I am just an amateur basking in your culinary glow.

You're going to make grape jelly?!? Is this one of the famous 4H Fair Winning Garnett recipes?

Rebecca said...

I credit Ikea for the spice racks. You do enough of a repeated design and it looks good. Fortunately I have an insane variety of spices. Now that Penzey's is 4 blocks away, it's only going to get worse.

I did use shallots in the soup. Bob is better with them than onions. Also, it was pureed, so there were no bits.

The grape jelly recipe is the Sure Jell recipe. It really all comes down to how good the grapes are. And, the grapes are really good this year so the jelly is destined to be awesome.

Thalia said...

I want to eat your house. Well, maybe just all the food in it.