Thursday, December 04, 2008

P.S. re: z

If you were all worried about me and my X's and Y's and z's, the z equaling the death of my Cuisinart, I have some good news. News of the Cuisinart's death was greatly exaggerated.

I went upstairs after my last post to contemplate making guacamole without a Cuisinart. I took apart the Cuisinart and unplugged it and wiped down the base in one of those pathetic, "If I maintain you in death in the manner that I should have maintained you in life, maybe you'll come alive again," ways that reminds me of a mother cat with a baby kitten that doesn't make it . . . [jeez, this post was supposed to be all, "Yay! My Cuisinart works, so maybe all the rest of the stuff going wrong will turn out OK in the end!" and it has taken SUCH a maudlin turn] . . . anyway, I plugged it in and reassembled it for one last ditch effort before I chucked it . . . and it worked just fine.

And I just made some AWESOME guacamole with my 3 for $1 avocados from Henry's in Yorba Linda.

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Rebecca said...

I love the word Yorba.

Glad to hear your food processing capabilities have not been diminished.