Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fat Lady Makes Last Stop Minnesota

Back in November I mentioned there were five Democratic candidates in too-close-to-call elections: Jim Martin - GA Sen, Mark Begich - AK Sen, Al Franken - MN Sen, Charlie Brown - California's 4th Congressional District, and Mary Jo Kilroy - Ohio’s 15th Congressional District. As I'm sure you know, Jim Martin lost his runoff to Saxby Chambliss for the U.S. Senate seat from Georgia, Mark Begich won the recount against indicted incumbent Ted Stevens, and Al Franken is still fighting to have all the votes counted in his race against Norm Coleman. But those poor congressfolk just don't get the same kind of press those big senatefolk do. So in case you haven't heard the latest, on December 4, Charlie Brown conceded an election decided by a razor thin 1,800 vote margin. On the up side, after all the votes were counted Mary Jo Kilroy won her seat in the 111th Congress by 2,311 votes.

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