Sunday, December 14, 2008


The New York Times Magazine's Eighth Annual Year in Ideas issue came out today. The first idea that caught my eye: Minicattle. So I went over to my friend April's house to get an image to go along with this post about minicattle.

Specifically, I wanted a picture of her dog Talula, an obese Chihuahua who has white fur with black spots. We call her Microcow, Vaquita, La Petite Vachette, you get the idea. But then I remembered Talula, who is 19 years old, has arthritis. So in the winter she wears a sweater, which keeps her warm and spry. Unfortunately, it also covers up her cow spots, which sort of defeats the purpose. But she's SO cute, I just had to share these pictures anyway.

Also, if any knitters out there would be willing to knit a white sweater with black cow spots, Talula and April would be VERY appreciative.
Updated on 4/3/2009 to add a:
I just took a picture of Talula without her sweater so you can see her full cow-ish-ness.

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