Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Spin Me . . .

. . . Right Round Baby, Right Round like a blog round up right round, round, round.

In this round up: quilt inspiration, stamps (not postal), koalas, opting out of phone books, spinning yarn out of newspaper, knitting for Terry Pratchett, Complete Embellishing, fabric swatches, and fabric beach balls.

Potential quilt inspiration from a Hermes skirt, an article about Bulgari jewelery, and a Miu Miu dress. OK, the New York Times Fashion Magazine isn't technically a blog, but I plead poetic license.

I love the Yellow Owl Shop landscape stamp set Angry Chicken is playing with. I always have great stamping intentions and very little follow through, but then I took a fabric stamping class at IQF/Chicago with Susan Purney Mark, which boosted my stamping confidence both in terms of execution and permanence.

Adorable koala post cards via Re-Nest.

As a follow up to my post about opting out of unwanted solicitation, consider opting out of receiving the phone book. Our house currently contains at least ten different phone books, mostly thanks to the previous owners, but we exclusively use the internet to look up numbers. It's one thing to recycle your phone books, but imagine how much more planet you can save by not receiving one to begin with?

Spinning yarn out of newspaper via Whip Up. Seriously. Gentle Reader (a.k.a. Gentle Spinner), can you whip me up a sweater out of the Sunday NYT? Or better yet, out of my dozen phone books?

Gentle Reader participated in a group knitting project to honor Terry Pratchett. Very cool all around.

Not Martha is giving away a copy of Complete Embellishing, which was written by someone involved with Anthropologie, so if you like that aesthetic, get thee to Not Martha and post a comment by Thursday. Not Martha wrote a good review of Complete Embellishing if you're not sure you can commit to a comment just yet.

Contemplating buying a Kona Cotton Swatch pack via Pink Chalk Studio due to my overwhelming disappointment at the too pale blue I ordered way too much of from a different online vendor. Though I should really venture out to find a locally owned quilt shop. Or better yet, unpack my nascent quilt studio already and use the yards and yards and yards of fabric I already have.

Fantasizing that I'll make fabric beach balls to go with each and every one of the innumerable baby quilts which are currently in various stages of production.

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting the koala card link! I love them. In fact, I even like many of the non koala cards. Also, the embellishment book looks awesome. Hope I win that!