Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Exciting opportunity!!!!!

So, most of our posts are directed at our Gentle Reader (fear not! more about you further down!), but this is primarily directed at Sarah&Spouse.

You like food. You have a car. You now live, more or less, in Los Angeles. Clearly, this was meant to be. (Hat tip to Serious Eats, via Researchin' Rebecca)

The Food Network is currently casting foodies of all kinds in the Los Angeles area to be a part of a fun and exciting new TV series!

The show focuses on two teams who race through many of LA’s culinary hot spots competing in challenges in the ultimate chowhound smack down!

And this could be just the beginning...

I am absolutely confident that everyone who reads these words will agree that Sarah&Spouse would generate the dramatic excitement that this "Amazing Race of Galloping Gourmets" thing is obviously going to need. And we all know that every possible form of success is achieved in this day and age through charismatic chutzpah on reality shows. Ask Judd Winick.

And after the first strike, what happens? A follow-up reality show, of course. More of a "Life with those kooks you loved to watch on that other show" thing. But instead of fizzling out like all the other follow-up reality shows, this one will keep it fresh with new characters, like the House Leech -- I mean, the Gentle Reader! Literally EVERYONE wins!

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Thalia said...

Brilliant! S&S, get cracking!

love, houseleech

Sarah said...

And I thought our only shot at reality greatness (oxymoron?) was Greatest American Dog, Sarah & Izzy vs. David & Augie.

Sadly, we have no "connection, knowledge or experience in the food industry." We especially lack that in L.A. I mean, if it were a show about coffee shops from the early nineties in Atlanta, we'd be well connected.

And given my last two experiences driving in L.A., to West Hollywood, UCLA, and the Getty Center, I don't see how the "race" element works unless each team has its own helicopter.

Moreover, given David's and my food allergies, well, it would soon devolve to some version of Fear Factor. Will David die if he eats the tree-nut laden goat cheese salad? Will Sarah survive the goat cheese? Stay tuned!