Thursday, August 21, 2008

Upside Down, The Way You Turn Me,

Inside Out, and Round and Round Up.

Green pet blog, skin creams cause tumors, cheese making, electricity, Tom's of Maine, and pieced quilt backs.

While perusing my weekly e-newsletter from the Organic Consumers Association I found this adorable blog about green pets apparently written by Augie's doppelganger.

Also via the OCA, Reuters is reporting that a group of scientists recently found four skin creams containing mineral oil and sodium laurel sulphate caused tumors in mice.

Angry Chicken shares her adventures making a quick cheese, which totally reminded me that I should get obsessed with cheese making again. Via Not Martha, Cupcake Show also blogged her cheese making efforts. For a great how-to, check out Prof. Fankhauser's Cheese Making site.

Contemplating something like the Green Monitor discussed at Re-Nest due to the myocardial infarction causing electrical bills since we've moved to California.

Am I way ahead of the curve or is Re-Nest way behind the curve in adopting Tom's of Maine as their toothpaste of choice? Skin Deep has ratings for over 100 Tom's of Maine products. I'm surprised Tom's of Maine had any products above the low hazard range. Their least healthy products scored 5s on a scale from zero to ten where zero is pure as the driven snow and ten is made by Satan out of the elements of hell and packaged in the carcasses of spotted owls by child slave labor.

Following up on my post regarding pieced quilt backs, Pink Chalk Studio showed her process of deciding how to arrange a Denyse Schmidt style pieced quilt back. Gorgeous!

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Rebecca said...

"..which totally reminded me that I should get obsessed with cheese making again." Love it! I actually have an Australian cooking magazine (Donna Hay) that I've kept because it has all kinds of cheese making recipes. Remind me to share it with you when you visit.