Thursday, August 14, 2008

Housewarming cocktail

A friend of ours, lets call him Norm, got our "here's our new address" note and decided to give us some housewarming gifts, namely some margarita glasses and mixers. [Note to everyone: housewarming gifts are not at all expected, but if you've already sent something, we're totally not going to send it back.]
Specifically, the mixers were Agave15's Elderflower Twist [top] and Cherry Blossom Sling [bottom]. Both were interesting and drier than a margarita. New and worthwhile things to mix with tequila.

Being a housewarming drink, I tried to do a house-shaped lime peel for garnish.

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Sarah said...

Your house is yellow. You should make a lemon peel house shaped garnish. And take a super close-up picture of it. Because it is totally rad.