Friday, June 27, 2008

Quilt Studio: Before

The second time I toured the house that would become our new home this was the state of the room formerly known as the disturbing doll making studio, presently known as the soon-to-be quilting studio a.k.a. Sarah's Laboratory (pronounced a la Bela Lugosi "lah-BOHR-oh-tohr-ee").
Presently it is more of a blank canvas, though it could be blanker. The sellers left the desk/counter thing and the shelves. I am ambivalent about the counter so it will probably stay put for the time being. Part of me thinks it will be convenient and part of me thinks it will be in the way. Most of the shelves will be going to Goodwill shortly so the wall opposite the door can be clear for my design wall.
The movers allegedly arrive Saturday, so shortly thereafter I hope to have the beginnings of an after picture for you. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions for how to organize my new space. And please post your comment with a vote for or against keeping the counter/desk thingy.

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Thalia said...

On the big blank wall on the left (as you face the windows) could you put a huge feltboard up, so that you could stick pieces of fabric up there and design your quilts that way?

It's a nice space. Maybe an Ott lamp for the area further from the window would help light up the space with full-spectrum light. And I think a comfy chair tucked into a corner for reading the quilting and color books you have.

Do you have your big waist-height craft table from Bloomington? That was excellent.

Sarah said...

A felt design wall is definitely going somewhere. At first I thought directly opposite of what you described, then I liked where you described and now I'm thinking the wall with the closet door openings.

I have certainly contemplated some full spectrum lighting for the far reaches of the room.

We are go for comfy chair for reading the quilting and color books.

I put the legs back on the ginormous waist-height cutting table yesterday. It is awesome!

Great minds clearly think alike.

Sarah said...

Comfy chair is go.