Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cooking Update

Sarah requested some photos of my cooking efforts this weekend. There's a photo of blueberry focaccia and the butternut squash soup below.

The focaccia was yummy, but it took about 6 hours to make. Given that, I'm not sure I would make it too often.

The price of the whipping cream in the cute glass bottle was the same as the normal kind (provide I return the bottle and get my deposit back). I was too tired today to make a good whipping effort, so it's not as peaky as I would have liked.

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Sarah said...

Look at your highly photogenic food!

Six hours for blueberry focaccia sounds excessive. Like the time I tried to make the Torta Espanola for dinner and we ended up making sandwiches halfway through the process.

Beautiful squash soup. Much prettier than my version, what with the nuts and the whipped cream.

Where are you NYT chocolate chip cookies? Are you waiting the full 48 hours? You should. They're better than at 0, 1, or 24 hours.

Rebecca said...

Cookies will get baked tonight. I didn't want to make them too early since I don't need them until Friday. It makes so few that I don't know if I can keep Bob away from them long enough to get them to the tea! I don't have an appropriate scoop, so I'm going to have to wing it. I'll probably weigh one to get an idea of the size. Hope they turn out. I have to save one for my mom - she does not believe there is a recipe better than the tollhouse cookies.

Thalia said...

I'm trying to eat my computer monitor, which is no good. They both look wonderful, but that squash soup is just gorgeous. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!