Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The CSA had butter beans today. Yum. They are now all gone.

I bought jalapenos to make pepper jelly and the sweet red peppers for lunch.

Bought a range of tomatoes. Cherries for lunch, romas for sauce, heirlooms for sandwiches and salads. I'm going to be sad when summer's over and there are no more good tomatoes. I need more storage containers so I can freeze enough tomato sauce for the winter.

Off CSA, I bought some potatoes to make gnocchi tomorrow night. Also, I couldn't resist the purple hulls. They are now shelled and ready to cook. I might freeze them though since we have a bunch of food in the fridge still and we're headed to MD this weekend for Labor Day.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures!

What on earth do you use pepper jelly for?

You are like crazy about beans. Butter beans. Purple hulls. What do you do with all of these beans?

You still have another month or so of tomatoes in Virginia, no? I am in the land of no seasons. Sadly I have yet to find a decent tomato source.

Rebecca said...

Pepper jelly is awesome if you put it on a cracker with a little cream cheese. It's a very pretty Christmas time snack, especially if you make red as well as green pepper jelly. Our neighbor across the street used to make it. I see it occasionally in the store, but it's fairly rare.

Eat the beans! Cook them and eat them. We ate them with the soup and some left over ratatouille last night. The purple hulls are like black eyed peas and are great with corn bread or just on their own.

Yeah, I think the tomatoes will last for a little while, but the weather has been so dry that I think a lot of things are suffering. We're getting some rain now - hopefully it'll be enough.