Saturday, August 23, 2008

Free Obama/Biden Sticker is giving away free Obama/Biden stickers. It takes 4-6 weeks for delivery, so order yours today.

Also, check out the New York Times chocolate chip cookies Dough 3, Batch 3 report.

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Rebecca said...

So, you mentioned in earlier cookie posts that you were not carefully measuring, is that still the case? I used a scale when I made mine this weekend and although I haven't baked the cookies yet, I thought the dough tasted floury. I had relatively small eggs, so I used three instead of two (but they are Polyface Farm eggs.) Also, now that you have made a perfect batch, do you think you'll try them with all purpose flour instead of the mix? To me, that's the most annoying step because it means having lots of different kinds of flour.

I'm pretty excited because I found locally milled flour at the store this weekend. I used it to make my focaccia, but not the cookies because it's all purpose.

Sarah said...

Well, other than running out of white sugar, I measured Dough Three quite accurately, but still by volume, not weight. I haven't unpacked our cooking scale yet. The dough by weight shall be magnificent!

Let me know how your floury cookies turn out.

THE Polyface Farms?!? Check you out!

Once I run out of cake flour (which will likely be in the next dough), I'll probably use just the King Arthur's All Purpose for a dough and see if that makes a huge difference.

Locally milled flour? You are ROCKING the locavore-a-tude. I wonder what its protein content is. Got any biochem students who could do some lab work on the side for us?

Speaking of locavoreness, have you finished Omnivore's Dilemma?

Rebecca said...

Yes - the Polyface Farm. Depending on your visit timing, maybe we could go out for a tour when you are here?

I haven't finished the book yet - you mom sent me home with The Other Boleyn, which she was in the middle of reading. So, I have to finish it before she comes through in October and it's super long. I should be able to manage, but not if I read anything else.