Saturday, August 02, 2008


I have noticed a bizarre confluence of people making their own skivvies: first, Angry Chicken's mention of the 17-part YouTube tutorial, second, True Up mentions Super Eggplant's Unmentionables. My fear of sewing stretch fabric is right up there with my fear of the first act of WALL-E coming true, but the material and time investment for a pair of underbritches should be minimal, no? And the most awesome knickers that I found for the bar exam (yes, I bought special super comfy drawers to take the bar exam, a small price to pay for the few points I saved not distracted by wedgies) are reaching their expiration date (some would argue, being three years old, they are long past), and the store where I purchased above-mentioned unmentionables is no longer a panty purveyor. Should I try to parley my patchwork prowess into panty-making? Can anyone abort this alliteration?!?

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Thalia said...

"Should I try to parley my patchwork prowess into panty-making? Can anyone abort this alliteration?!?"

Yes, and why would they?!?

I would love to be a decent enough seamstress to make undies for myself. Or, you know, even a skirt. I'm contemplating getting sucked into another crafty hobby by getting one of these new learn-to-sew-simple-skirts books. I've rediscovered in, long, full skirts. Which can = comfort.

Sarah said...

Thank you for your underbritches making support. I will definitely pursue my panty production if for no other reason than to entertain you.

I suspect that making a skirt out of non-stretch fabric is actually easier than making bloomers. I say this only because I've actually made skirts. I actually went through a pretty intense skirt-making phase toward the end of high school. My two favorite short fitted skirts were self-made.

I have only attempted one full skirt, but it was not a success. I suspect the failure was due to (1) my use of a relatively heavy quilting cotton and (2) my reliance on a gathered waistband as the only tailoring. I'm sure any reputable make your own skirt book would steer you clear of those mistakes.

I'd love to follow your skirt-making progress if you'd care to blog about it.