Sunday, June 01, 2008

When in England, watch golf

So, we're moving, and while going through some books in the process of packing, we found some notes Rebecca took so we'd properly remember one of the momentous moments of our living-in-England experience.

England marches to a different drummer when it comes to sports (excuse me, "sport"). It is ALL about entertaining the spectator. Oh, forget it -- me trying to explain it is completely inadequate. It must be experienced.

So, during the 2004 Masters tournament, these are a selection from the BBC commentary:

"He hit that from his belly button."

"He hit that in the dingly dell."

" opposed to those aggressive shared-ball sports -- the worst you can do here is niggle your opponent's brainbox."

and the one that made us decide we needed to record them:

"He has a roly-poly walk, a just back from the sea walk, as opposed to Mickelson, who looks like he's going for a totter in the lower acres to see how the lambing is going."

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Thalia said...

That is AWESOME. Now I want to see these walks.

Sarah said...

LOL! That's insane. I definitely do not want my brainbox niggled nor my dingly dell hit. I don't remember such colorful commentary while watching that cricket tournament you were so in love with. I would comment more, but I have to go for a totter in the lower acre to see how the lambing is going. Meanwhile, I shall work these sayings into my everyday phrasebook post haste.