Thursday, June 19, 2008

Color Theory: Q & A Part 3 - Color I.D.

This is a continuation of the Color Theory: Q & A generated by my first Color Theory post.
Q: Are there Munsell codes so I can say I want my widgets to be this particular color of red and my seven subcontractors will all provide me widget parts that are the same color?
A: Yes, that is probably the primary purpose of the Munsell system.

The Munsell system is a color identification and notation system which identifies colors by alphanumerics rather than by name. This prevents confusion and makes communication easier. A Munsell color notation consists of the hue number and letter designation followed by the value number placed over the chroma number. For example, the Munsell color notation for a "pure" red which is medium dark and very strong is 5R 4/14. In this picture, the bottom chip in the far right column is 5R 4/14. If your widget part subcontractors don't have their own Munsell Book of Color to consult, you can send them a sheet of 5R 4/14.

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