Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday's with R.J.

For the past five weeks or so I have had a weekly lunch date with a fascinating woman I met at the Bloomington Quilt Guild named Rosemary Trubitt. She's an art quilter whose work is available at The Wandering Turtle Art Gallery. And she's a pretty amazing person to boot.

Here's Rosemary with some of her quilts. On the right you might be able to just make out a few of her mathematical quilts. Specifically they're equilateral spirals approximated using Fibonacci proportions. Prior to these Fibonacci spirals, she made a series of four different mathematical quilts inspired by Mathematical Quilts: No Sewing Required by Diana Venters and Elaine Krajenke Ellison. Her four quilts were then supplemented by five more quilts by BQG members and are now available in the Monroe County School District for teachers to use.

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Thalia said...

Dude. Math + quilts = totally fantastic and I love it.

And I've not been to the Wandering Turtle gallery, but my tattoo artist's girlfriend owns and runs it. I hear it's cool.

Bob said...

What Thalia said!

Only I don't have a tattoo artist, let alone one whose girlfriend owns and runs a gallery. Thalia is hardcore.

Thalia said...


You know what would be most hardcore of all? Getting a math tattoo. Or a trebuchet tattoo - although that might be pushing it on techinical details, unless the tattoo takes up most of your back, or something.