Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not Not Martha

I'm a big fan of the blog Not Martha. She frequently collects links to things she digs and that's her post. I have mixed feelings about that approach to blogging. So I'm going to try it and see what you think.

Sealable glass reusable containers blogged at Re-Nest.

Hilarious Hulk movie review. "This is dedication to a motif." - Bob

Small scale mobile chicken coop like the one described in Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma, but on a backyard scale via Re-Nest.

The prettiest post about Amy Ruppel's hand printed fabric on design*sponge.

Preston goes shopping.

Dadaist quilting philosophy genius at Spirit Cloth.

Another high in depriving liberty: 7.2 million under CJ control at Prof. Berman's Sentencing Law and Policy blog.

The Colorspire colour schemer via Sharon B's In a Minute Ago.

Vickie's new dye studio at Field Trips in Fiber. Dear Bob & Rebecca, please do this in your basement before my next visit. Love, Sarah

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Sarah said...

P.S. We saw The Incredible Hulk last night. It wasn't that bad. Certainly not as horrid as the first one. Make sure you see it in a theater with good sound, as the viscera vibrating sound effects are key to appreciating this film.

Vicki W said...

LOL! I hope the plea for a new dye studio works for you!

Rebecca said...

I like the list of topics with links. One suggestion would be to have a little more description though. Like, who is Preston and why do I care that he went shopping? I mean, in general, I would click on stuff to find out what it is, but sometimes I have limited time and want to check out the stuff that is most relevant to me but I don't want to miss something awesome.

Sarah said...

Dear Vickie,
I'm not holding my breath that Bob and Rebecca will transform their basement just for me. But our new place in California has a built in microwave, so I can use our current microwave for dyeing. Now I just have to figure out where to install a beautiful utility sink. Keep dye studio hope alive!

Dear Rebecca,
I appreciate your totally awesome feedback and will add more description to future not martha-esque posts.
Meanwhile, Preston was a 1L when I was a 3L in law school. He went on to become the law school student body president, which I think made him the first openly gay president in UGA Law's history. I started reading his blog back in law school to keep my finger on the pulse of the young folks. Now, clerking for a judge in Alaska, he's just too funny not to read. The fact he went shopping is not nearly so important as how amusingly he wrote about his shopping experience.
Thank you,

Preston said...

Just for the record, Rebecca, reading about Preston is always relevant to you AND it's something awesome. So, there you go...

Thanks, Sarah! Glad to know you're keeping up with my adventures...

Rebecca said...

I should know better than to question the awesomeness of all posts from Sarah! I will rephrase my request as needing help deciding which link to check out first :)