Sunday, June 01, 2008

CSA Farm Visit

The weather cooperated and we had a great afternoon visit to the farm where our beautiful veggies are grown. It really is only about an acre of land and it's very densely planted. I overheard Charlie, the farmer, mention that he might start a mentoring program for people who want to start community gardens. That would be cool. Ok - on to the pictures. You have to vote for your two favorites because we can enter them to win $100 off next years membership.

Overviews of the plantings.

Rainbow of greens

Delicious Peas




Not sure - something starting to grow...

Breakfast radishes #1

Eggplant bloom

Cucumber. (these have been remarkably good)

A little friend


Lightening bug


Watering can view

Breakfast radishes #2

A bigger friend.

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Amy said...

People who take pictures of bugs are like... biologists. That's weird. (But the cucumber? beetle was kind of cute and the lightening bug definitely was.) The rest just made me hungry.

Sarah said...

Only two favorites? They're all such gorgeous pictures! If they're not so concerned with featuring the produce itself, I'd say my top two are the Eggplant Bloom and the Marigold. If produce pics tend to win, I'd go for the zucchini and either the peas or the cucumbers. Like Amy, I liked the beetle picture, but I wonder if pictures of, well, bugs would go over well in the contest.

What did you end up bringing for the potluck? Were there any neat potluck dishes?

Rebecca said...

This is the first time they have run the contest, so I'm not sure what will win. I think I can see what other people submit, so I'll see what gets put up.

I ended up taking a fruit pizza and cut up cantaloupe with basil. Both disappeared pretty quickly. There some really good desserts and the food provided by the chef was really good. Israeli couscous with grilled vegetables and a cilantro sauce was my favorite.