Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So hot all I want to do is veg

Oodles of cucumbers today. I got 4 different varieties. The striped one is Armenian and the other long nubbly one is Japanese. We had a cucumber salad with vinegar, sugar and salt. Yummy. We also had the kale cooked with some of the fancy bacon from the local butcher that we got as a house warming gift from our realtor. I went for arugula and basil today. Both smell great - haven't decided what to do with them yet.

I also went 'off csa' and bought some fruit and potatoes. There are other vendors at the farmer's market. I couldn't resist the idea of a rhubarb strawberry crisp and a blueberry peach pie. I feel that when I just eat vegetables for dinner, dessert is ok :)

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Sarah said...

Your food staging is gorgeous! Look at how that white table cloth sets of the colors of the fruit and veg! I didn't even know there were four different varieties of cukes. Do they taste different?
We've been partaking of rhubarb/strawberry crumbles lately too. I've never made a blueberry/peach pie. What's your recipe?

Bob said...

They DO taste very different. They also have very different consistencies. I liked the Armenian one and one that might be called "delicata" or something. The regular one was spongy and not nearly as appealing.