Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Front Page News

Late Tuesday night I was reading the comments on the Jack and Jill Politics post regarding Senator Obama being the nominee because JJP is made of awesome and all, and, in the context of discussing how to commemorate this historic occasion, one of the commentors posted this neat little link to the Newseum's collection of front pages of the day.

I hope they archive today's. An African-American presidential candidate in a country where he could not have been a citizen just 140 years ago,1 where the government and public accommodations could legally discriminate against him just 44 years ago,2 and where his right to vote was openly compromised until just 43 years ago.3

1.1868 - Ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment.(back)
2.1964 - Civil Rights Act signed, when Senator Obama was about three years old.(back)
3.1965 - Voting Rights Act signed, when Senator Obama was about four years old.(back)

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