Monday, June 23, 2008

Not Good Enough

Obama is better than McCain, but we deserve better than this.

Basically all those links (you can just read the first one, for the executive summary) say two things: there's a horrible bill moving from House to Senate right now (hint: "retroactive immunity"), and Obama says he's ok with it.

Some days, the Democratic Party does not serve my interests, or even support the Constitution I care about. Do they really deserve my devotion, just because they serve my interests more often than the Republicans? I want a party that shares my principles all the time.

At the very least, I want a party that's willing to take a little negative press for being "vindictive" and summons forth the gumption to hold some lawbreaking bastards who have ruined our country accountable. It will not be set right if there are no consequences for putting it wrong. Whether it's big corporations buying their way out of responsibility or the Bush executive ignoring Congressional subpoenas, show me the politicians who won't give those guys a free ride.

Show me those politicians, because they've got my money and my vote. That's the party I want.

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Thalia said...

Me too.