Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Veggie bounty from CSA

Tuesdays are good days. It's when I collect my choice of vegetables from the CSA that we belong to - Victory Farms - in Hanover, VA. The veggies are so fresh that the cut end of the broccoli was totally moist - not all dried out like it normally is in the store. This week, I got the collection of vegetables that you see in the pictures:

Included in the haul is (from left to right): broccoli rabe (with it's cute yellow flowers), wet garlic (a little milder than dried, but basically the same) kohlrabi, asian salad greens, carrots, easter egg radishes, broccoli, baby squash and zucchini (one with a blossom attached) and cucumbers.

We are eating the broccoli and the kohlrabi tonight in a Thai curry simmer sauce (a la Trader Joes) with chicken. Yum.

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Thalia said...

Is it creepy to say "I want your vegetables!" and drool?

Rebecca said...

Not at all. In fact, that was exactly what I thought when I looked at the CSA website. I'm glad I got a spot!

Sarah said...

Great post and beautiful veg!
How do you prepare the kohlrabi? Do you peel, dice, and steam? I've never tried it before. It's sitting in the produce section taunting me, "You can't handle the kohlrabi!"

Sarah said...

Veggie pictures: the gateway drug to full fledged blogging. - Rebecca

Rebecca said...

The kohlrabi should have the stems removed and any outer brownish parts peeled off. I didn't do that on these and there were a few woody spots that weren't so tasty. I sliced the bulb and cooked it with the chicken and broccoli. I've read that the flavor is a cross between broccoli and cabbage and that's sort of accurate. I thought it had a slightly citrus flavor and the texture is more starchy than broccoli. In fact, you can apparently mash it as a side dish. Maybe I'll try that next time.

We have our farm visit in a couple of weeks and we are supposed to bring a pot luck dish. What should I bring?