Monday, May 12, 2008

Bob's a syndicated columnist without the syndicate. Or the column.

It's been brought to my attention that not everyone knows the panoply of blogs out there that I occasionally post to. "Why aren't all those posts over here at Gnomicon, where you never post?" I was asked. "I didn't think you'd want to read those," I replied. "I'm like 50% of the Gnomicon readership and you bothered to mention it to me," I was rebuked.

So anyhow, there's several blogs in the Bob postiverse, and sometimes I cross-post to more than one, so don't let the deja vu overwhelm you. First there's Gnomicon, where I post stuff about books, politics, things I think Sarah's interested in, and other stuff that sounds smart. Then there's Halfwit On Blogs, which mostly is just cross-posts of stuff that comes from elsewhere on the web. So if I post something here about Brad DeLong's take on Harvard's endowment, it'll probably get posted over there too.

More interesting (to me) is Trollkien, where I post about Dungeons & Dragons (yes, I am 12, and yes, it is 1979) and other fantasy-geek stuff like that. (yes, I read comic books, and yes, it matters to me that Cap was right.) If that's not nearly enough D&D for you, then by all means check out the action at the dndblog, where I'm actually playing in a campaign.

There are some other blogs that I'm not the sole proprietor of: notably the related pair Curmudgeon Gamer and Game Journal, where people far more into videogames than I talk about the business of videogames and their game playing experiences, respectively. (I post both places occasionally, also -- you might actually be interested in my Game Journal post about playing Rock Band.)

There are elusive dreams of at some point sorting out a beautiful multifaceted blogsite, with an overarching sort of RSS feed collector for the brave few who want to read about everything, and specialty blogs that send those feeds to the big blog, maybe one about crafts and one about games and one about politics and so forth. But these are only wisps of fantasy at the moment.

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Sarah said...

I had no idea. It's like you had a whole different life with a different job and a house and a wife and two kids and a dog and someone left a skateboard in the driveway again, but I don't even know who to yell at because where the heck are you anyway!?! Deep cleansing breaths. It will be O.K. There's no place like Wiemanomicon. There's no place like Wiemanomicon. Dammit, where'd I put those ruby slippers!?!

Bob said...

We are all looking for our ruby slippers. (whoa, heavy.)

My actual wife knows about all these blogs, and she's the schemer with the overarching "World o'Blogs" concept. So there's no second house and wife and two kids and a dog, just like there isn't yet a World o'Blogs, because it's not within me to organize all that. (I still have hope for the World o'Blogs, but definitely not the whole different life.)

If anyone left a skateboard in the driveway, I desperately want it to be me. Just because I'm about 24 years past appropriate skating age doesn't mean I can't shred it up all Tony Hawk style.

What's that? Mid-life what again now?

Jacob T. Levy said...

And I had no idea about this place, until you just mentioned it on facebook, even though I'm roughly 75% or Trollkien's readership.

Sarah said...

Welcome, Jacob! I hope all is well in the frozen tundra that is your homeland at present. The blog readership is now officially international!

In the interest of full disclosure, I too have another blog, to which I post even less frequently than this blog. It is the blog of my Art History reading group, or "A(rg)H" as it is known around my living room.