Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Torture Memo to be Proud Of

OK, maybe "pride" isn't the right word. But certainly the DOJ OIG report revealing the bottom up assertion that torture by the CIA and Defense Department is both widespread and (quick shocked inhale) wrong, is the kind of whistle blowing memo one can stand behind.

I have no interest in standing behind John Yoo's torture memos. Standing aghast at, maybe, but not standing behind.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm appalled that Yee can stand behind the Yee torture memos. Apart from all those professional ethics and whatnot, what must his mother think of him?


rt said...

uh, duh, Yoo. Yoo, Yoo, Yoo. Durp.

btw, i'm the relation of Gentle Reader whom you might recall from bygone junior high days (yours, not mine, ahem). hi there.

Bob said...

It took me a second to figure out those comments, but I heartily agree. And he's teaching at my old school. Ridiculous.

Thalia said...

"Apart from all those professional ethics and whatnot, what must his mother think of him?"

I think that given I have the same reaction as well, we were probably both Well Trained by our mother!

Sarah said...

I can't speak for his mother, though I do agree that neither of our mothers would tolerate such shenanigans. But for Boalt Hall to knowingly reward him with a tenured faculty position . . . shame. I mean I'm all for intellectual freedom, but frankly his memo also demonstrates extreme lapses in legal reasoning. Though in all fairness, clients (in this case The White House) often ask lawyers to write memos justifying their predetermined conclusion. In this case faulty reasoning is the only way to justify the conclusion. If facilitating torture is zealously representing your client or a war crime is another question.
Right and wrong aside, I wouldn't want him teaching future legal thinkers. But maybe Boalt Hall is keeping their enemy closer, hoping their hippie students will rub off on him rather than the other way around. I certainly wouldn't suggest a dunk tank at the law school's annual legal aid fundraiser with him on the committee.

Sarah said...

Oh, and I forget to add: Welcome RunningTree! It's lovely to have you here at Gnomicon. Wonderful comments! Very conversation generating.

And I feel like I know you from so much more than junior high, thankfully. :)