Monday, May 05, 2008


Back at IQF/Chicago I took another fantabulous class with Sue Nickels. The class was about how to make a scalloped edge to finish a quilt (which is described in her book Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué). My first class with Sue Nickels was on machine quilting at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. During that class she offered her collection of Superior Threads for sale. At the time I wasn't sure how into machine quilting I'd be (if you recall that was when my non-Bernina sewing machine up and died) and whether her threads were really the best threads for what I wanted to do.

After that class I took three more machine quilting classes. In every class every teacher stressed the importance of thread. And in every class every teacher recommended, among a few others, Superior Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Thread, and at least two of them mentioned Sue Nickels' collection by name. Sue Nickels' thread collection is Superior King Tut Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton 40 weight (i.e., slightly heavier than what you'd think of as standard thread which is usually 50 weight), 3-ply thread.
And it comes in these neat tone-on-tone variegated colors which change color every inch, as opposed to some variegated thread which has longer color changes, which can make one area of quilting look way darker than another as opposed to giving the whole quilted area a sense of dimension and depth. So when I went to her class at IQF/Chicago, I bought her thread collection. Unfortunately she was all out of them at the show. So I received them in the mail today. I've got one baby quilt all basted and ready to quilt after my Bernina Mastery class covers how to use my Bernina Stitch Regulator tomorrow at Shiisa Quilts. I'll follow up with a full report.

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Thalia said...

The thread is gorgeous! Will you be firing up the Bernina and going to town?

Sarah said...

Heck yeah! Well, this post was how many days ago and I have yet to fire it up. But I plan to this weekend. Really. I swear.