Monday, May 19, 2008

Proud Hillary Keep on Burnin'

This morning I was talking trash at the breakfast table about Senator Clinton oughtta just drop out of this race and so forth. Then on my daily errands Creedence Clearwater Revival's version of Proud Mary came on the radio at the same time I saw the following bumper sticker:
Dissent is the purest form of patriotism. - Thomas Jefferson
It's a sign that I should not begrudge Senator Clinton her continued campaign. Proud Hillary Keep on Burnin'.

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Rebecca said...

My first comment!

Two things. One, at VCU's graduation on Saturday, the speaker was VA Gov Kaine and he mentioned that regardless of your political affiliation, there was a very strong pool of presidential candidates and then he said some nice things about each of them. He started with McCain and then Hillary and when he got to Obama, the crowd - students and parents went crazy cheering. The faculty was largely unresponsive and looked around at each other, like, 'wow, I guess we know who this crowd is supporting.'

Personally, I still really like Hillary. I think she's a bit politically savvy (i.e. fake) in her actions and words sometimes, but I do love that there is a smart, strong woman running for president. That is super cool. I felt a surprising affinity for Elizabeth Dole when she ran for president too. Bryn Mawr drilled some deep feminism into me, I suppose. Anyhow, the real comment I wanted to make about Hillary is that I saw an interview clip with her and she mentioned how great it has been campaigning with Chelsey. I think that Hillary has a drive to see the campaign through and to push until the end, but I also think that getting to spend quality time with her daughter working on this intense project together is a big motivation for her to stay in the race too. I can't say that's a great reason to stay in the race for president, but I believe that many people have run a campaign for much worse reasons.

Sarah said...

Rebecca's first comment!!!
I am so excited!
And it's so long! And so thoughtful! Thank you, Rebecca, thank you!

Another reason Hillary should continue campaigning: to give women everywhere hope that the ambivalence toward powerful women will dissipate.

Rebecca said...

Interesting article. It does always amaze me when I read statistics about the number of women in various positions. My personal experience has been that people (men and women) of exceptional ability are promoted and well regarded by their peers. But, those of us who fall below that are usually supported, elected, nominated, etc by mentors in more senior positions. It becomes the 'who you know' network. And, while I don't feel that most of my male colleagues are sexist in any way, the people they know (or think of) tend to be men. When choosing speakers for a conference or a seminar, there is a (unconscious) bias for them to suggest men. I often find myself suggesting women (unconsciously too - I don't think 'I need to propose a female speaker'). When I suggest women speakers, they are received as good suggestions, but it is notable that I am usually the one suggesting them and not my male colleagues.

I little off the Hillary topic, but I blame Sarah's link :)