Saturday, May 24, 2008

Clinton to Assassinate Obama

The New York Times reported today:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton defended staying in the Democratic nominating contest on Friday by pointing out that her husband had not wrapped up the nomination until June 1992, adding, “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”
In a related report the New York Times captured the signs of potentially homicidal stalkers:
“I got to smell him, and it was awesome,” raved Kate Homrich, caught between Mr. Obama and a woman trying to hug him in Grand Rapids.
Conspiracy theorists, you are go for take off.

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Rebecca said...

As you know, I still have an affinity for Hillary. It annoys me that we have a democratic process for determining a presidential candidate for the party and 'people' want to ignore it. If the party thinks it's wasteful, or too long, or hurting the party then they should revise the process.

Personally, I don't see how it hurts the party. From what I can see, Clinton staying in the race has kept all the attention on the democrats and has kept McCain from getting much coverage. Also, from the latest figure I saw, Clinton isn't managing to raise much money so it doesn't look like it's preventing resources from reaching Obama.

However, while I sort of understand the thought process behind the comment Hillary made, I don't see how it can be taken in a good way. It was certainly a mistake for her to voice that thought aloud.

Sarah said...

Right on. I'm all Proud Hillary Keep on Burnin'. I just think she needed to take a nap or something as it's not in her nature to say such wacky stuff in a public forum. This long primary season is taking its toll.

I think each state should have two days, one for campaigning and one for "election day", even though with early voting that's a much more fluid idea. That way each state could have its moment in the sun and we'd be done in like 106 days (counting the Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico), as opposed to the current 155 days.