Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Love My Gay Cousin: A Call To Action

Another call to action, but this time, it's not just from me and a fabulous organizations auto-emailer. It's from my cousin. She's the quiet one. Quite possibly the only quiet one in the entire family. And she's not all that quiet really, she's just not as loud as the rest of us, which is a form of individualism I respect. She's also gay. That is not a unique feature on our family tree. Much less unique than being quiet.

So when she sent me this email, I took notice, even though I'd already signed the petition and already forwarded it to a few friends I knew would sign but might not be on the auto-mailer.

I'm normally a live and let live kind of girl, but I feel very strongly about this. Would you help me and the rest of the Human Rights Campaign attain their signature goal and let our elected representatives know that the majority of this country stands for equality?

Here's HRC's canned letter, which states the facts much more eloquently than I ever could...
She's quiet, see. So she's got that opposite of boy who cries wolf thing going for her. Here's the Human Rights Campaign call to action:
Do you want to live in a country that legalizes discrimination? Despite the recent California Supreme Court decision that denying same-sex couples the right to marry is unconstitutional, efforts are underway throughout the country to take away rights from same-sex couples.

I joined thousands of others in showing my support for marriage equality for all. But recently, proponents of bigotry and hate collected even more signatures in an attempt to invalidate the California Supreme Court decision. And they won't stop with California—extremists are even trying to add a same-sex marriage ban to the U.S. Constitution.

We are at a turning point in our nation's history and I'm hoping you'll join me in standing up against discrimination. Please sign the Million for Marriage petition and get us one name closer to showing that Americans overwhelmingly support marriage equality!

Every committed couple deserves to enjoy the privileges and responsibilities conferred by marriage. Add your name to the petition and be a part of the movement to fight for marriage equality for all.

Thank you!
So go sign the petition. It's the right thing to do. And my cousin's girlfriend is super cute.

For more information about the Human Rights Campaign and their work on marriage equality, check out

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Rebecca said...

I think I've already signed this too, but I did it again, just in case.