Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cupcakes Not from a Box

Due to my stunning NYTCCC failure, I had to come up with an alternative dessert for dinner at friends'. So Saturday I made cupcakes from scratch. I didn't like grow the wheat and mill it myself or anything. But I did make both the batter and frosting from recipes not boxes. More specifically, I made the cake batter from the awesome recipe I found from Bake and Shake via Not Martha. The Quick Buttercream Frosting is from an ancient New York Times cookbook. Both got RAVE reviews. The male of the pair we dined with actually did a little dance in his chair, and he really didn't seem like the dance in his chair type.

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Thalia said...

Not only do I love from-scratch baked goods (NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!). but I love your arty close-up of the cupcake.

Rebecca said...

Drooling. Trying to resist urge to bake. No math tea this Friday so I can't pawn off baked goods... must stay strong.

Thalia said...

What you REALLy want to do, Rebecca, is bake and then ship those baked good to me in MD. Or I'll make a road trip journey.

You know, whatever works. ;)